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Hello and Welcome to Bizsol HR Services Private Limited.
Bizsol group is based out of Pune and it's HR division – Bizsol HR Services, aims to serve your Organizational Development (OD) needs. We train and coach corporate executives to become more effective leaders.
At present, Bizsol HR has two facilitators. Both are ex - CEOs and have combined Bizsol logo largeexperience of 59 years in the Indian corporate world, much of it in strong leadership roles. You can read here about Venkat R Venkitachalam, and here about Sanjay Saraf.
We have faced every leadership issue typical executive faces in organizations. We understand how decision making works. We understand how power works. We understand all the pulls and pressures and demands on someone in a leadership role. We, therefore, can and do offer practical tools for enhancing leadership effectiveness."
We use a leadership framework derived from our experience and our studies of leadership theories. This framework is very effective in leadership development through training and coaching. You can see here our leadership development framework. Here you can read our program design philosophy.
There is more.
Bizsol HR facilitators entered OD space out of passion for developing people. We invest ourselves emotionally into our programs. We believe that our passion makes us more effective in imparting leadership skills.
It will be a pleasure if you take a few minutes to browse our site and familiarize yourself with what we do and how we do it. We hope it will interest you enough to contact us and we hope to hear from you.
Sanjay Saraf
Managing Director

What we can do for you


To put it simply, we can make you or your employees into more effective leaders. Training, Workshops, Coaching, Consulting etc are all tools towards the same end - that you or your employees must be able to solve common and persistent problems faced by corporate executives.

Here are some problems we faced in our careers, we saw others face them; and employees and managers mention to us very often when we talk to them in our new roles as trainers and coaches (Note - this is an indicative and NOT an exhaustive list !):

  • Our employee is intelligent, but he is terrible with people. How can he have better IPR skills, so we can promote him?
  • Our employee needs better communications skills.
  • Our employee does not take accountability for results; makes too many excuses.thinking man small
  • I / My emplyees can't seem to be able to motivate people.
  • How can I harmonize task and people orientation?
  • I face too much office politics. I don't know how to handle it.
  • Our employees don't seem to understand organizational goals. How can we align them to company's objectives?
  • How can we change the organizational culture?
  • How could I / my employee have more Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial ability.
  • How can I handle stress? How can I balance work and life?


Typical corporate executives face many more problems and we aim to address these through our training and coaching programs.

We believe that these problems can be solved through developing one or more leadership competencies. We have identified and listed these competencies and, once we understand your or your employees' problems, we zero in on a 2 - 4 of these competencies. As the person undergoing our program develops proficiency on these competencies, he or she becomes a more capable leader, handles the problems more skilfully and becomes ready for more complex and challenging roles.

We like to say that we are on a mission to help corporate employees become more capable leaders.

Click here to read about our programs.

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Click here for feedback on our training programs / workshops, and here for testimonials for our coaching program.

Click here to see a list of competencies and brief descriptions. You may want to pick the competencies you or your employees need to develop and give details to us. We will then be able to advise you if and how we can develop these for more organizational effectiveness.